Don’t just scroll away those days on your device — it’s about time we take back the pure enjoyment of the seasons that we wait all year to experience outdoors. Even science is telling you to do so: Experts say that engaging in playful activities through adulthood can help lower stress, improve cognitive function, and build social bonds with others — which is so much more than what your phone can do for you.

These classic lawn games range from new favorites to timeless classics. We’ve had the chance to play many of the lawn games on this list over the years, and it’s quite possible that some are familiar to you, too!

哈希赛车官网直播开奖 The Best Lawn Games for Adults

  • Supersized Pong Game
    Wicked Big Sports

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  • Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards

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  • Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

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  • Ring Toss Game With Shot Ladder

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  • Giant Portable Four-in-a-Row Game

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Whether you’re in the mood for something simple and silly (Flickin’ Chicken, anyone?) to something a little more strategic (like the game of Kubb), there is a lawn game for every occasion, location, and group.

So what are you waiting for? Round up the family, grab one of these 20 lawn games for adults (that are plenty kid-appropriate, too!), and let the good times roll.

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Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards


Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set


Ring Toss Game With Shot Ladder


Giant Portable Four-in-a-Row Game


Giant Wooden Yard Dice Set


Gigantoss Ladder Toss Set


Capture The Flag Redux: The Original Glow-in-The-Dark Outdoor Game


Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc


Giant Wooden Dominoes 28-Piece Set

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