– Pada artikel ini, admin akan mengupas tuntas bagaimana memperkenalkan diri dalam bahasa Inggris dengan baik dan benar. Dalam setiap awal perjumpaan tentunya kita harus memperkenalkan diri, nah bagaimana jika menggunakan Bahasa Inggris? Setidaknya kita harus tahu cara memperkenalkan diri dalam Bahasa inggris karena Bahasa Inggris adalah Bahasa Internasional. Selain itu saat di sekolah pun tidak jarang guru Bahasa Inggris menyuruh para siswa untuk memperkenalkan diri menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

Teknik Jitu Memperkenalkan Diri Dalam Bahasa InggrisCara memperkenalkan diri dalam Bahasa Inggris itu tidak terlalu sulit karena tidak semua hal harus di utarakan saat pertama memperkenalkan diri. Sebutkan nama lengkap, panggilan, dan asal dsb. Kami memiliki contoh yang cukup bagus untuk kalian dalam rangka membantu proses pengenalan diri. Simak baik – baik contoh teks cara memperkenalkan diri.

Dua Teks Memperkenalkan Diri dalam Bahasa Inggris
Teks Pertama

Great morning everybody. Give me a chance to present myself in a brief while. I am Irawan Saputra and you can call me Wawan. I was conceived in Kota Gede, April 21st 1991. It implies that I’m 24 years of age at this moment. I moved from Yogyakarta to this awesome city in light of the fact that my dad has a few occupations that must be finished. Here, I inhabit Jl. Kamboja 6B. My home really is not a long way from this school and you are just to ride for around 100 m toward the east.

I have a decent interest and that is composing and blogging. I get cash from web particularly through blogging. I have a decent blog that give data of Technology, most up to date contraption, and some more. You can visit the Techjourney.Com to see my articles.

In my home, I live with my guardians named Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Soemardi. Them two fill in as business person. My dad deals with his futsal shoes business while my mom is dealing with her Batik dress business. I cherish them all that much and I’m really five siblings. I have two senior sisters and two more youthful siblings. My first sister is 22 years of age named Tika Febriani and now she has been an understudy of Indonesian University particularly for English Literature. Beside my second sister who has been 20 years of age named Andien Aulia and she is learning at Gajah Mada University particularly for Psychology. I think, I won’t enlighten additionally regarding my siblings on the grounds that it expends time excessively.

That is all and I would say thank to your consideration. Great morning everybody, It is my pleasure to see you.

Teks Kedua

Great morning my dear companions. Permit me to present myself for several minutes. My complete name is Lanang Saputra and my epithet is Lanang. So you can call me by Lanang not Saputra. I was conceived in Metro, June 21st 1991. It was quite a while and around 24 years prior right?

I’m another individual here on the grounds that I simply moved from Metro to this capital city two days back. At the point when the first run through live in Jakarta, I feel extremely hot however it has been a typical condition for me at this time. In Metro, I had an exceptional leisure activity that was speedcubing. It was a mind to play the Rubik’s 3D square quicker and speedier. The following is the photo of Rubik’s block.

I likewise invest my energy to play football and listening to the music when I get exhausted at home. In any case, when I live in Jakarta, I even have no clue to play football with my companions. Since, here I am an outsider and haven’t got companion yet. I live in Jl Kepulauan raya, West Jakarta. It’s roughly five kilometers from this school and I come here by transport.

In my home, I live with my guardians and my twin sisters called Fafa and Lia. My guardians are Mr. Soetomo and Mrs. Soetomo. My dad fills in as a designer in one of the enormous organization in Jakarta, while my mom acts as a bookkeeper in insurance agency. My more youthful sisters are fifth grade of primary school and them two are ten years of age.

That is the end of my acquaintance and decent with meet you my companions.

Semoga bisa berguna untuk pembaca setia KBI!!! 🙂